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Levi Athen (@Levi_Athen_9), Virginia, USA


Star Host of "Monsters in the Night" | Agent 9 | M | 23 | SW-4095-9201-1441 | #MonsInTheNight

Mr Senpai of Freedom! (@Shdwpny), Pennsylvania, USA


I drink tea and i think about how great the USA is! I can't stand rapist, pedo's and anti-Americans! Let's keep this country great by voting the left out!

Kari The Cat (@Kari_Kitten),


“The Day my heart stops beating is the day hell freezes over.”

USMC VET GAMER (@USMC_Vet_Gamer), Virginia


Nintendo4Life! Former Marine, Disabled Veteran, Gamer for Life. Xbox One, PS4, 3DS XL, Currently playing on the #NintendoSwitch 5188-9957-9962

??? ??????? ???? (@FameOfARedFairy),


????? ????? & ??? ??? ??? ¢?????! f?? ??? ???? ??? ???????!~? ???? //Created by & played by: @ZHNA_aka_Zizo. //(Note: NO STEALING THE ART PLEASE! THANK YOU!) ????

Nicole (@fitoniki), ??????, ??????


???, ???? ?? ??? ?????? , ?????????, ?????????? ?????? ?? ???, ???????, ??????? ? ?????? ??????????

Netsu (@Nesutorukai), Nicaragua


CNS Splatoon Tourney Leader from Nicaragua and Latin America. Graphic Designer, Competitive player Nintendo fan. X Player | Roller, Sniper Main| 7915-5348-3005

BlueBaker (@Blue_Baker_),


I'm a wannabe pro player but i decided to waste my time attaining a bachelor degree in economics.. worst decision ever made ???? Instagram:@Blue_Baker_

Koneko Toujou (@_Koneko_Toujou),


''I honestly don't want someone who sees the good in me, I want someone who sees the bad and still wants me'' - Yuno Gasai

Sonic the Hedgehog (@TheClassicBlue), Green Hill Zone


The one that saved the island, with attitude,he's Sonic the Hedgehog. Ready to save the world and be fast doing it! Single but not looking (art not mine)

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