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Writing_Mombie (@Writing_Mombie), Germany


I'm the proud mom of 4 amazing kids and love reading&writing&singing&animals. Whatelse? Press rep. of DIE LINKE BKS-WIL, English teacher... BUSY!! ;)

WinterHeart (@HeartsWoven), Somewhere on the Norfolk coast


I read, write and daydream. I'm a new author working on a fantasy novel. Life may have no meaning; worse still, it may have one that I do not approve of.

KP Kelly (@KP_Kelly), Florida and Ohio


Christian. 6'7"Giant. Social Media Consultant. Helped Grow 100+ Brands. 250+ Marathons. Ran 100 Marathons in 100 Days for 100 Charities. Lover of ?? ???? ???? (@mypowersymbol), Brisbane, Queensland


I am into symbols, values & how to hack them & their meanings to BOOST inner performance way beyond what the average person understands.

Dorothy Derr (@DerrDorothy), Born in Detroit, Michigan


Enjoying life with Loved Ones is #1. I have an interest in Affiliate Marketing and really get into the Ancient Alien series on the History Channel.

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